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American Academy of Pediatrics - Dedicated to the Health of All Children

AMA Online Doctor Finder - "Information on virtually every licensed physician in the U.S."

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention -A federal agency of the Department of Health and Human Services.

Clinical Pharmacology - Information on drugs, both prescription and over the counter.  Contact us for username and password.  Choose EbscoHost Web and then Clinical Pharmacology.

Healthfinder - U.S. government's links to dependable consumer health information - Health and medical information: diseases and conditions, medical dictionary, procedures and test, medications, that is reliable, relevant and produced by doctors

Merck Manual of Diagnosis & Therapy - Encyclopedia of diseases - Consumer Health Information

Prescription Drug Help-From KY Cabinet for Health Services

PubMed - Search engine to the National Library of Medicine

Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center

WebMD - Trustworthy, Credible, and Timely Health Information
















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